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The Parenting Profile

(Windows)  $45.00
Explore the six factors that contribute to being a successful parent. The Parenting Profile Survey assesses student understanding of these factors, summarizes individual considerations, and evaluates student readiness for entering into parenthood.

The Parenting Profile interactively explores the six factors of recognized importance in successful parenting. As noted on the main menu screen below, these factors include Finances, the Family of Origin, the child's Environment, the Individuality of the Child, Communication, and Discipline. 

Each factor is examined through interactive tutorials designed to assist students in recognizing the importance of each factor and its subsequent application in their personal lives. 

The Parenting Profile concludes with a personal survey which assesses the student's understanding of the six factors and examines the student's readiness for parenthood. The printout of the survey's analysis provides useful suggestions on remedying the student's weak areas of understanding and readiness.