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The Nutrition Arcade

(Windows)  $45.00
This study aid employs three motivational arcade style games to review hundreds of terms from the curriculum areas of Nutrition, Nutritional Diseases, The Food Guide Pyramid, and Digestion. Definitions, spelling, multiple choice and true/false questions are implemented into each game. All games are designed so that students must answer review questions prior to playing the arcade portion of the games. 

Hangman/Applefest is your basic Hangman style game with a twist. If the player successfully solves the word puzzle, he/she gets to visit the magical AppleFest forest where more points can be earned by gathering apples, cherries, and smiling faces. Players must plan their strategy quickly and react instantly in this challenging timed segment. 

In the game "IT", the player is a secret agent disguised as a hotel's custodian. He/She must search the dark corridors of the hotel for the creature known as "IT" who is hiding at the end of one of the dark corridors. Only ultraviolet lights will destroy the creature. Do you have the courage to turn on the lights? 

In Meteorite, the player must maneuver his rubber life raft in an attempt to catch the meteorites in the deadly storm that is about to strike the city. Special Staranium gloves enable the player to catch and safely dispose of the meteorites before they hit. Do you have what it takes?