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Spin To Win

(Windows)  $45.00
Based on a favorite television game show, players solve hundreds of puzzles including words from the Nutrition Curriculum, famous celebrities, places, sports teams, double-letter words, etc. Designed for one to three players.
Spin to Win is available in a Windows only format. The program is designed to be played by one to three players. It can be used as a resource tool for independent study, or in a light competitive environment. 

The game is based on America's favorite television game show. The players spin for points, guess letters, and try to solve the word puzzle being displayed. The option to buy vowels and solve the puzzle are always available. 

Hundreds of word puzzles are included in the program. The puzzles are chosen from the Foods and Nutrition Curriculum, as well as from many unrelated categories including famous people, places, movie titles, book titles, double-letter words, sports teams, college nicknames, etc. Each game consists of five rounds or puzzles. At least two of the puzzles in each game will be randomly selected from the Foods and Nutrition Curriculum. As an added feature, clues to the puzzle are presented if the players are having difficulty in solving. 

An enjoyable and popular means of sharpening word and definition recognition.