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Pricing Right!

(Windows)  $45.00

Sharpen consumerism skills by competing against a classmate to accurately estimate the prices of over 100 common grocery items. Prices can be edited by the instructor as they change.

A life skill that will certainly benefit anyone is the knowledge of the prices of commonly purchased grocery items. Budgeting money in today's world begins with price "sense". This consumerism skill can be attained in a fun manner with this two player game geared toward fun competition. Over 100 common grocery items are included in the data base. 

Players start the game with $6.00. Each player guesses the cost of randomly chosen items. The difference between their guesses and the actual cost of the item is subtracted from their $6.00. The player with money remaining at the end of the game is the winner. 

The data base price list can also be edited by the instructor as prices change so that the program never becomes outdated.