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Measuring Techniques

(Windows, Max OS X) $50.00
Everyone can experience consistent success with their cooking if they measure a recipe's ingredients accurately.  Accurate and level measurements using the appropriate measuring utensil is the key to
successful food preparation.

Liquid Ingredients

Liquid ingredients include items such as water, milk, syrups and oils.

Dry Ingredients

Dry ingredients include flour, baking soda, baking powder, herbs, spices, sugar, and salt. This unit will provides the student with the opportunity to explore the various utensils used to obtain accurate measurements of dry and liquid ingredients, and also provides useful tips that will ensure


Recipes use a variety of abbreviations for the amount of an ingredient that should be added.  It is important to know what these abbreviations stand for so that the correct amount of the ingredient is added.  

This unit contains a matching race game between the student and the computer to help the student learn what the abbreviations stand for.  

Equivalent Measurements

The knowledge of equivalent measurements is also important in obtaining
successful results with recipes; especially if you increase or decrease the recipe to serve a different number of people than the recipe calls for.  

This unit contains a second matching game designed to foster
the learning of equivalent measurements.