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Making Ends Meet

(Windows)  $45.00
Practice money management skills by manipulating income to meet the financial obligations of fixed and variable expenses for a simulated month-long period of time. Includes a bonus game for successful survival of the simulation.

Making Ends Meet provides the student with essential experience in managing money. The introduction differentiates between fixed and variable expenses and reviews various expense items that fall into each category. It also includes tips on managing money to meet real-life monthly expenses. 

The Money Management Exercise provides the student with the opportunity to select an income level and attempt to survive the fixed and variable expenses that most adults encounter during a normal month. Fixed expenses include a house payment or rent, car payment, utility bill, phone bill, taxes, etc. After meeting all of the fixed expenses for the month, the student must survive a month's worth of unexpected variable expenses; injuries, broken appliances, car repairs, vacations, and emergencies of all types. They must make decisions about what to do in each situation. Students are also given bonues at rare occasions; a birthday gift of money, a rebate check comes in the mail, etc. Finally, they must make decisions that involve their future... 

If the student can survive the month long demands on his/her money and still has money remaining, he/she is rewarded with a bonus game called "KATO". This game reinforces the fact that it is not a good idea to take too many gambles with your hard earned money. 

Making Ends Meet will provide a very realistic and eye-opening view of the money management skills needed to survive in our society.