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Family Sciences Volume 1

(Windows) $330.00
A library of fifteen OJ Software programs available at huge savings over purchasing individually 

A listing of the titles included on the CD Rom is presented below. These programs may be installed on as many computers as desired within the same school building with no additional site licensing fees. 
  • HEHC10 The Place Setter 2.0 
  • HEHC11 The A-Mazing Babysitter 
  • HEHC13 Challange - Child Development 
  • HEHC14 Nutri-Challenge 
  • HEHC15 Decipher - A Kitchen Safty Game 
  • HEHC16 Dietary Analysis 2.0 
  • HEHC17 The Food Guide Pyramid 
  • HEHC18 The NEW Parent Pit 
  • HEHC19 Measure Right! 
  • HEHC20 Home Hunter 2 
  • HEHC22 Desision Making 
  • HEHC52 Basic Furniture Arrangement 2.0 
  • HEHC53 Pricing Right! 
  • HEHC54 Spin to Win 
  • HEHC55 Making Ends Meet