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Dietary Analysis 2.0

(Windows)  $50.00
Nutritional data expressed as a percentage of RDA's for over 2000 foods is accessible through a easy to use user interface utilizing a simple food search format. Analysis includes graphical charts of dietary totals and each individual food's contribution. Also includes suggestions for remedying dietary deficiencies.

The Dietary Analysis 2.0 program contains a wealth of information about the eight essential nutrients including their functions, who is likely to be deficient, associated health risks, and common food sources of the nutrients. 

The dietary analysis portion of the program contains nutritional data expressed as a percentage of RDA's for over 2,000 foods, with the food list being accessible through a simple "expandable food tree" format. The RDA information for each food is also individually graphed to provide an easy visual reference of the food's nutritional value. 

The foods the user adds to his/her food list are summarized and tallied in a printable chart format. 

The user's diet analysis also includes graphical charting of the totals, and provides suggestions for remedying any dietary deficiencies that are detected. 

Dietary Analysis 2.0 also includes many new user friendly features including a Save Option which allows users to save their food lists for further editing.