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Design Elements

(Windows / Mac OS X)    $50.00  

Examine the basic elements of clothing design including line, texture & pattern, balance, proportion, emphasis and scale. Includes 6 style analysis exercises in which the user tries to determine the intent of the designer. Entering appropriate measurements also provides useful tips on ways to highlight strengths and camouflage weaknesses.

One unit of the program allows the use to input her body measurements for analysis. The program provides feedback on body proportions and offers customized tips on ways to highlight proportional strengths and to camouflage figure weaknesses based on the measurements inputted by the user.

Another section of the program displays six analysis exercises in which the student tries to determine what the intent of the designer was in creating the clothing style being displayed. In each exercise, the student attempts to determine what body proportions the style is best suited for and then her determinations are compared to the designers intent with further explanations of each feature. 

Design Elements provides pertinent information that can be applied by the student when making future clothing choices.