Site Licenses for Mac or Windows compatible programs are NOT required. The purchase of the original program entitles the owner to install the program on as many computers as desired within the SAME school building at no additional cost.

iPad applications are sold per device, with a group discount available for educational institutions through the App Store Volume Purchase Program.
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Placesetter 2.0 $50.00 Windows, Mac SKU12 
Design Elements $50.00 Windows, Mac SKU05 
Dietary Analysis 2.0 $50.00 Windows SKU19 
Kitchen Safety $50.00 Windows, Mac SKU07 
Know Your Pattern $50.00 Windows, Mac SKU08 
Basic Furniture Arrangement $50.00 Windows SKU01 
Measuring Techniques $50.00 Windows, Mac HEHC71 
Pricing Right! $45.00 Windows SKU13 
Child Development Arcade $45.00 Windows SKU17 
Making Ends Meet $45.00 Windows SKU09 
Spin To Win $45.00 Windows SKU14 
Nutri-Challenge $45.00 Windows SKU11 
The Nutrition Arcade $45.00 Windows SKU24 
Home Hunter 2.0 $45.00 Windows SKU06 
The A-Mazing Babysitter $45.00 Windows SKU15 
The Parenting Profile $45.00 Windows SKU24 
Decision Making $45.00 Windows SKU02 
Challenge Child Development $45.00 Windows SKU03 
The Parent Pit $45.00 Windows SKU23 
The Babysitting Simulation $45.00 Windows SKU16 
The Dating Simulation $45.00 Windows SKU18 
Measuring Techniques (iPad) $3.99 iPad APP01 
Family Sciences Volume 2 $330.00 Windows SKU21 
Family Sciences Volume 1 $330.00 Windows SKU22 
Showing 24 items